AMD and NVDA stock trade plan

The plan (as of March 3, 2017) is as follows:






Intel stock 10/19/2016

Recently, I am watching on intel stock and considering to long the stock.

But we can’t just base on some article saying that the target price for intel is 48, and then go in to buy intel stock on the spot without our own understanding and analysis.

I have not yet finished the write up on the valuation of intel stock before intel released the quarter financial report.

The following chart is the one that I plot on Oct 16, 2016. A few days ago, I am looking at two levels: one is 36.59 and the other one is 33.84.


Then, after intel released the quarter financial report, the stock breaks the 36.59 area. I will focus on the 33.82 area. If intel stock does not break price 33 and find the support there, then we will go in and long intel stock.

At the same time, I will finish the analysis report on intel stock.