FX strategy Nov 27, 2016

Note: December Non-Farm News will be release next Friday (Dec 2, 2016).


We will still keep the short strategy on gold, unless it is able to break 1200 before next Friday. Gold finds the support around 1171, as this level is the 0.618 pull back of gold on the bigger time frame. 1191 might be good level to short gold, but we need to see the price reaction. If gold breaks 1171, then we can take short term trade to short gold till 1142 and 1132.



USDJPY will still go up in a longer time frame before it reaches 115.62 or 116.00. Before that, there might be a pull back at 111.50-112, and we can long from there.




Pond might go with a Gartley pattern and let’s wait and check it out.



One thought on “FX strategy Nov 27, 2016”

  1. The strategy for both gold (short) and usdjpy (long) are successful. Although GBPUSD didn’t follow the Gartley pattern, we made some profit and it hit the protective stop loss and then we didn’t try to short GBPUSD.


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