FX strategy on Nov 2 2016


AUDUSD is still within up trend channel, but it can’t break new high for half an year. So the strategy is to short at high point and buy conservatively at low point.

We can aim to short at ~0.7717 or ~0.7750, and we need to watch the price reaction at here.

AUDUSD might complete three drives pattern. Then we need to short AUDUSD at ~0.7750.





USDJPY didn’t break the resistance line at ~105.50 and went down 200+ pips.

We will closely watch the area ~102, which is the 0.618 pull back also the support level.

If USDJPY didn’t break ~102, then we can buy USDJPY here.




Gold went up due to uncertainty arising for US president election. We will watch whether Gold can break 1310.

If gold can’t break 1310, then we can short there. Otherwise, let’s watch the show.







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